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Bg109 Engine Performance Restorer Engine Flush

Here at Autoinspire we have been hearing of fantastic story’s and results with some BG products that are availible on the market. With a money back guarantee if customers don’t see any improvements after 500 miles.

The service consists of adding a the BG engine performance to the engine oil and running for a while before changing the oil and filter. Adding a fuel system cleaner to the fuel tank to clean out the fuel system.

The following images are from a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 diesel with 90000 miles on.

These products are availed as part of your regular service plan or we can use the products and change your oil and filter anytime that suits you.

The final image of the clean oil even amazed us and the customer will see improved performance and fuel economy or he will get his money back guaranteed by BG products

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