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Timing Belt Replacement

Replacment of timing belts is sometimes overlooked by people as just another expense. But not having your timing belt changed at the correct intervals can cause major damage to the engine resulting in a much more costly repair.

A lot of the modern engines are known as interference engines where if the timing belt was to break the pistons could hit the valves causing inlet valves and exhaust valves to bend and possible damage to pistons.

The timing belt or cambelt as they are sometimes known drives the crankshaft and camshaft together at just the right time so that air/exhaust enters and leaves the cylinders at the correct time.

Other vital parts of the engine run off of the cambelt as well such as the water pump and fuel pump.

Here at Autoinspire we have a large selection of specialists tools to ensure when fitting a new timing belt the timing is set correctly and your engine will run at it’s most efficient.

When replacing a timing belt not only the belt is replaced also any idler pulleys the water pump and a new tensioner is installed.

Different makes and models of vehicles need there timing belts changing at different intervals here at Autoinspire we have access to all manufacturers timing belt specification. If you are in doubt whether you car needs a new timing belt please call and we will advise the best we can.

The costs involved for fitting a timing belt/cam belt vary from car to car as labour times are different for each job. Timing belt kits also vary in price so for a tailored quote for your vehicle just give us a call with your car registration number and we will do the rest.