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Valeo Clutch Expert Fitting Centre Chesterfield

Autoinspire Ltd are the leading clutch fitting centre in the Chesterfield area and a Valeo Clutch Expert Garage. The Valeo Clutch Expert Program aims to ensure independent garages like ourselves give a professional and reliable clutch fitting and replacement Valeo clutch expert chesterfieldservice to all it’s customers.

Valeo only endorses garage that have the mechanical expertise and knowledge to fit the correct products first time. Giving technical support to fit even the most difficult of clutches.

Free Clutch Health Check

If you are unsure of the condition of your clutch or you think your clutch may need replacing just call down to our garage where one of our technicians will carry out a free clutch health check and advise on the best possible options and provide you with a detailed quotation. No appointment needed just show up at a time that suits you best.

Costs of a clutch replacment

Clutch replacment costs vary from vehicle to vehicle. As the prices of parts and labour differ on each vehicle. If you would like a quote for a clutch please either call down or contact us by email or phone where we will be happy to discuss pricing options.

Dual Mass Flywheel Expense Worrys??

With the introduction of dual mass flywheels into mainly diesel vehicles to reduce the vibration from engine to gearbox these items tend to wear out to, this can be a costly job to replace.dual mass flywheel

The symptons of a worn out dual mass are vibration when driving or setting off. Sometime the fragments from the broken down flywheel block up the starter motor causing starting issues. Ford mondeos and transits are particularly bad for this and just fitting a new starter motor will only cure the starting issue for a short period until the new starter motor gets blocked up.

But don’t worry Valeo have introduce a four piece conversion kit that replaces the dual mass flywheel with a solid flywheel with a clutch that contains heavy duty springs which do the job the dual mass flywheel was installed to do.

The conversion kits include a solid flywheel which has no wearing parts so it will last longer than a dual mass flywheel. These kits work out cheaper than fitting another dual mass and it is something less to worry about.

3 Piece Clutch Kits

The three main parts to your clutch are the friction plate or drive plate, the pressure plate and the release bearing. We sometimes get asked just to fit the item out of the three that is clutchworn. But with the labour times involved in removing the gearbox this doesn’t make sense. Plus all the old parts will be worn so it is best to replace all parts while the gearbox is removed.

When the clutch is slipping the material on the friction plate has worn down so the fritcion can not enable drive from the engine to the gearbox.

Alternatively it could be hard to select gears so the pressure plate is not moving enough to allow you to engage in to gears.

Clutch Hydraulics and Cables

The clutch is operating using a pedal within the vehicle which can either be connected to the clutch via a cable or operated hydraulically via the displacment of clutch fluid. Or during more recent times electronically controlled.

If the cable or hydraulics fail the clutch pedal with likely go down to the floor. If this is a cable operated system the cable has likely snapped and will need replacing. concentric slave cylinder

If it is a hydraulic system the concentric cylinder which forms part of the release bearing has probably burst a seal this is housed inside the gearbox which will need replacing.


How a clutch works

A clutch in a vehicle is operated from inside the car via a pedal. By pressing and releasing the pedal, this motion engages and disengages the drive allowing the engine to move torque into the gearbox allowing the car to move.

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